Saturday, June 10, 2006

Brand apple, macintosh the new iMac g5 and the old G3 some tips.

This is the image of the new brand iMac g5:

Rev up your digital life at speeds twice as fast as the previous iMac. Intel Core Duo and iLife ’06 raise the bar — again — of what makes a personal computer so personal. Enjoy everything you love about iMac, only turbocharged, starting at $1299.
Power has never been this much fun

No computer on earth makes it as easy to work with digital photos, movies, music and the web as iMac. And now it all happens with blazing speed — powered by the revolutionary Intel Core Duo. With two processors built onto a single chip, this new Intel engine kicks iMac performance up to a whole new level. Coupled with the new ATI Radeon X1600 graphics processor and the world’s most advanced operating system, Mac OS X, iMac will run all your software, fast.

Now whell I live in Romania, and in this country whe only use PC (personal computers) and there is no macintosh services where to buy, whe have only the chance to buy second hand mac`s. Whell I have a old iMac G3/350 and it is totaly cool. Mac OSX 10.4 tiger works very good with the iMac, and I suggest to all the people in the world to buy a macintosh. I don`t like macintosh becouse there is a mighty problem, the macintosh brand are expensive (too expansive for Romania and other countries).

Why do I like my macintosh:
1. Becouse the operating system is interactive, works good, and it is based on unix.
2. I like to create graphics on my mac.
3. I like the brands of apple.
4. I like the idea ( one computer in screen like the iMac )
5. I like the idea of geting the OSX names after animals ( Cetha, Tiger, Panther etc. )
6. I like the macintosh staff becouse they work hard to make cool brands.
7. I like the i-brands ( iPod, iPod nano, IShufle etc. )
8. I like that there is no viruses for macintosh ( I am not joking )
9. I like that apple is interacting with other brands like ( Nike shoes interacting with Ipods )


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